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Q. What is an Insurance Umpire?

A. An Insurance Umpire is a competent, disinterested, and impartial individual chosen by agreement between the Carrier Appraiser and the Property Owner Appraiser.

Q. What is an Insurance Appraisal?

A. Most insurance policies have what is known as the “Appraisal Clause”. The Appraisal Clause governs insurance claim disputes between an Insurance Company and a Property Owner. It allows each party to hire their own Appraiser to represent them, and the hiring of an Insurance Umpire to act as a judge to oversee the process.

​Q. What are the cost in an Insurance Appraisal?

​A. Each Party typically bears the cost for their own Appraiser, and splits the cost of the Insurance Umpire. Most Appraisers charge by the hour and costs vary widely between companies. There are no set fees. The range for an Appraisal is $3,000 and up depending on the size of the loss. 

​Q. What is the typical timeframe for an Insurance Appraisal?
A. There is no time limit for an Insurance Appraisal. The amount of time depends solely on the Appraisers chosen. If the Appraisers agree, the process can take only a few weeks; however, if the Umpire must be evoked, this adds months to the Appraisal.  Larger disputes require more time to consider all the information.

Q. What are the cost for an Insurance Umpire?

A.  Most Insurance Umpires work under time and expense (T&E).  At All American Appraisal & Umpire Service, our charge for most Appraisals is $200 per hour. We work on billable hours with certain minimums. All travel stays are based on GSA rates with Travel cost separate.

Q. How many Appraisals has All American Appraisal & Umpire Service been involved?

​A.  We have never worked any Appraisals (as an Appraiser) for any Carrier or Property Owner.  We maintain our impartiality working only as an Umpire. Since our inception in 2009, the total number of  Insurance Umpire assignments is approximately 170.